Display Pixel Clock on Xavier NX


I am trying to connect a Display via Display Port with the help of an PTN3460 eDP-LVDS Brigde. This setup worked fine with an 1280x800 px Display, but now I am trying to connect a 480x320 px Display.

When creating the EDID I set the pixel frequency to 11MHz but when meassuring the frequency I get 25MHz. Which frequencys does the Xavier NX support?

When using xrandr no display shows up. I noticed that there is no predefined mode for a 480x320 px Display. Is there a way to add this mode?


Does jetson correctly read the edid as your expectations?


Where can I look this up?

please check

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.X/edid #X=0,1,2.