[SOLVED] (367 - 378.13) + 980m + Ubuntu 16.10 = ERROR: GPU:0: Idling display engine timed out

Note: Went back to 364 drivers; major issues with 378 drivers for things that work fine with 364…

  • System hangs hard if I connect an external monitor (even REISUB doesn’t work) while running, and seems to hang in the same way if I boot with the monitor already connected. That’s a dealbreaker.

  • System hangs at black screen when resuming from suspend. Trying to resume from hibernate ended with segfault.

  • Right after booting, something keeps causing repeated system freezes (cursor won’t move) for several minutes… looked like it might be due to a kworker thread when I looked at top. Eventually stops, but doesn’t happen at all when using 364.

  • System hangs hard at login if prime-select is switched to intel driver - even after complete reboot. Not sure if that’s an nVidia problem or something new with the intel driver since I haven’t used it in a while.

These hard hangs make it doubtful I’m going to be able to remote in and collect any bug reports, but I’ll give it a shot whenever I get the time.