Sony IMX390 Driver Support in Jetson AGX Xavier

Dear NV team,

I have a customer who would like to use Sony’s IMX390CQV camera sensors to connect with AGX Xavier. I have 2 enquiries to get confirmation from NV for the customer:

(1) IMX390CQV has features like Led Flicker Mitigation(LFM), HDR and Trigger/Synchronization, can these features be supported by the driver in Jetson AGX Xavier.

(2) If these drivers are not available in Jetson AGX Xavier, is it possible for Nvidia to integrate the drivers into Jetson?


Sorry to tell current ISP not support LFM, and what is Trigger/Synchronization?
Current BSP have imx390 support but without HDR support yet.

Hi ShaneCCC,

Thanks. For the camera triggering / synchronization techniques, please refer to :

The customer wants to know the detail of the trigger mode operation and multi-cameras (8pcs) synchronization…

I think those are the sensor feature instead of ISP’s function.

Hi ShaneCCC,


BTW, when you talked about ISP, is it already on the carrier board of the devkit?

The ISP is inside the Xavier.