Support for Leopard Imaging LI-IMX390 GMSL2 Cameras

We currently have Leopard Imaging IMX390 GMSL2 Cameras at our disposal. From ecosystem page (, I understand Drive AGX Platform has support for IMX390 sensor with Sony IMX390EVB cameras. I’m also guessing the camera has a MAX9295 serializer.

Is there a way to use this camera with DriveAGX platform?

Dear @alperk,
LI IMX390 is does not work out of the box. The ecosystem page ( ) states what are supported out of the box by us and modules need to supported by vendors.
May I know what is your expectation and how you want to use this camera?(like for using DW SAL APIs, roadrunner, or working camera driver?)

Hi, I’m also trying to get these cameras to work with the Drive AGX. Our use case is that I would like to use it as similar to the sekonix cameras as possible. I.e. running the driveworks gmsl samples and initializing them using nvmedia api.

I’ve got a howto for the jetson agx from leopard imaging that I’m trying to use the essential parts of in order to be able to do it for the drive agx.

So far I haven’t succeeded. I’ve tried building the agx kernel modules called imx390, max9296 and max9295. I’m able to insmod them, but then I don’t see any /dev/video or any other video related interface popping up, so I’m guessing I need to flash the kernel dtb as well. But I have not been able to do so. When using it says everything works fine and logging in via the serial terminal I can see that my new dts file is loaded, but after reboot it’s still the old dts loading according to dmesg. I’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong or if it will actually solve the issue of accessing the camera, but I’ll continue looking in to it.

If you manage to get it working, could you please post a small note on how to do it? I will post if I get closer as well =)

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@SivaRamaKrishnaNV our expectation is to capture frames either DW SAL APIs, or with GStreamer. I know that the specific camera isn’t listed in the ecosystem page, but since the sensor and the serializer is supported I thought there may be way to get it working.

@marten.kjellssonv9ibr Unfortunately we could not get it working yet either. I will share here if we manage to do so.

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Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV I just wanted to check if there are any updates in this topic. Last time you asked how we wanted to use the camera, and I said we would like to use it with DW SAL APIs, also gstreamer or working camera drivers are fine as well.

As far as I see the Drive OS kernel has the source code for IMX390 sensor, serializers, and deserializers. However IMX390 sensor does not seem to be defined in driveworks library (, or we cannot access the camera through V4L.

Currently we are stuck at this point. Any tips/infro would be greatly appreciated.

Dear @alperk,
you need to check with Leopard Imaging for this camera support with DRIVE platform.

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,
I’ve noticed in the release of DriveOS 5.2.0 that you state “Sony IMX390 and ON Semi AR0820 camera support”. Does this only refer to Sony’s own module or is Leopards also included? If not, do you plan to release support in the next coming months?


Dear @hampus.berg,
This refer only Sony module.