How to use IMX424 camera

Dear friends,

I have some GMSL cameras:IMX424,IMX390 and IMX490
How can I use it with Drive AGX xavier? Does the Drive AGX xavier support it in driveworks2.0?


Dear denglong,

The cameras are not in DriveWorks supported sensor list.
So should use SIPL frameworks. Please refer to below links for custom sensors. Thanks.

Hi there,

On this topic, why are Sony sensors then listed on: It gives a wrong impression that these sensors would work out of the box.

Also, can you clarify what Drive Core is from the above link?



Dear bogdan0kg3v,

Please refer to the bottom Note of the link.
Note: The tables on this page present vendor-supplied data, not tested by Nvidia, contact vendor for more information
The specified sensors can be used using Driveworks custom sensor plugin way. Thanks.