Drivers for different spec sensors

Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10]
Host Machine Version: [Example: native Ubuntu 18.04]

Does the compatible list of sensors for NVIDIA DRIVE software include sensors with different specs as well (like xsens 670, ouster OS1 - 32,…) or should drivers be written for them as well?

Hi sahil.prabhakar,

I assume you are referring to our list of supported sensors available here?

The sensors listed here are ones that we have confirmed work with the software components listed. It is possible that additional sensors can work with the Devkit but you may need to get drivers & support from the sensor maker. For IMU/Lidar/radar, we also have a plugin framework in the Driveworks Sensor Abstraction Layer that can be used to add custom sensors that aren’t listed to be used with the rest of the Driveworks stack.