Support for different camera modules


Are there plans for supporting other camera modules?

I believe that currently, aptina ar0231 module from sekonix and omnivsion ov10640 are supported. We are currently evaluating the sony imx390 module from leopard imaging, are there plans for supporting that camera?

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Jan Willem van den Brand

Hi JW2000,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a plan to support IMX390 module on DPX2 now. Thanks.


Ok, clear. We picked the imx390 module because it combines HDR with light flicker mitigation. There are also ar0231 sensors available that support this. Will those become available for the px2?

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Jan Willem van den Brand

Hi, Jan

Which serializer IC do you use in your IMX390 module, is that MAX9295?


Is MAX9295 able to be deserialized by MAX9286?
As I know MAX9295 is a GMSL2 serializer, and IMX390’s output interface is MIPI-CSI2,
so it can’t be supported by MAX9286 on the PX2,right?
Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

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I don’t know which serializer is used. It’s this module:

The deserializer module they offer uses a max9296 for which I cannot find any documentation.

I also can not find information about GMSL2. MAX9286 does support MIPI-CSI2.

Kind regards,

Jan Willem van den Brand

Dear JW2000, ytdong,

We are putting together a process to help developers bring up their own camera incl. IMX390. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV

Any idea where I can find information about that process you are (or have) put together?



I found, how to change the nvidia-driver for the ar0231 sensors and also found, how to add additional drivers to the
But what I am missing, how can I make this new driver available? I want to use it by giving a parameter string to the ‘camera-type’ Parameter of ProgramArguments::Option_t().

Any hints, how to get this?

Feel free to ask me about more details what I have done/want to do.

Thanks, Felix