What are the GMSL and GMSL2 cameras supported on Xavier


I would like to know a list of GMSL and GMSL2 cameras supported on Xavier (through CSI interface),
It seems there are many camera drivers supported in driver/media/i2c directory.
But are they fully supported with GMSL/GMSL2?
It seems camera driver need to interface with serializer and deserializer driver to suppport GMSL/GMSL2, correct?
I only see that IMX390 supports GMSL2, and AR0330 supports GMSL.

Also, what are the currently supported serializer and deserializer driver? I only see MAX9295 and MAX9296 for GMSL2. But how about the GMSL serializer and deserilzer? for example, MAX9271, MAX9272, and MAX9286.

Or GMSL2 and GMSL driver are compatible with each other? Which means MAX9295 driver can also be used for MAX9271, and MAX9296 driver can also be used for MAX9286?


There’s no restriction to support any of chip that compatible with CSI/MIPI spec.


What do you mean exactly?

Also, the GMSL2 MAX9295 serializer and MAX9296 deserializer driver, can I use them for GMSL1 serializer and deserializer? e.g. MAX9271 and MAX9286?

I only see MAX9295 and MAX9296 in the latest Nvidia Jetpack linux source code. But I don’t see MAX9271 or MAX9286.


Currently we only have MAX9295 and MAX9296 support in the default release, if you need driver source for any others you need to consult with vendor to bring it up.


For MAX9295 and MAX9296 driver, can I use them for GMSL1 serializer/deserializer?
Or no, they cannot be used for GMSL1, beacause they are not compatible.
Can you please confirm it?

Thank you

I can’t tell if MAX929x support GMSL1 or not.
You should consult with vendor to get more clear information.


Are there new supported serializer/deserializer since this post? (April 2020)
Does this remark only apply to Jetson Xavier, Drive Xavier or both?

Thx for clarifying,
Philippe D.

Both of TX2/Xavier but didn’t for TX1/Nano