DRIVE AGX Serial Products - GMSL & GMSL2 compatibility

Hi Sir,
I study the topics about GMSL & GMSL2 compatibility on our Forum as below.
I find GMSL & GMSL2 camera seem not have any compatible problems. Right?
But I do not know if there are no any GMSL & GMSL2 camera compatible problems on DRIVE AGX serial products(e.g. E3550, Pegasus…) as well? Are there any documents for reference? Thanks.

GMSL & GMSL2 compatibility

2019/03/27 - GMSL2 camera reading

2019/04/10 - Integrating GMSL2 camera to Nvidia Xavier

2019/05/08 - GMSL2 or GMSL compatibility

Dear melinda.hung,

Yes, there is no compatible problems. Please see the table and section in below doc for GMSL camera. Thanks.
DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)
Table 3-1. Interface Connectors and Cables
3.2.2 FAKRA Connectors for Camera Inputs

Hi SteveNV,
Thanks for your immediate reply and detailed information.

Hi StevenNV,
About the spec that you provided (“With the GMSL2 Deserializer/Aggregator, both Xavier A and Xavier B can access these 16 cameras”). What are the differences between GMSL and GMSL2? (e.g Bandwidth, Latency, Reliably, Power Consumption, Cost, Image Quality…) Does GMSL2 have any enhancement? Thanks.

Dear melinda.hung,

AFAIK, GMSL2 has twice the bandwidth of GMSL1.
However GMSL is Maxim own interface so please contact Maxim team for more information. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,
OK, thanks for your kindly reply. I will contact with Maxim.