LVDS camera interface compatibility with GMSL/GMSL-2 interface


I have question about the camera LVDS and GMSL interface compatibility.
The camera SF3325-100 with Pegasus is LVDS interface, right?
Please confirm that and also whether this LVDS interface is compatible with GMSL interface?


Dear JX,

Could you please refer to below for this topic?

▪ Onsemi AR0231 image sensor
▪ 1928 x 1208 Resolution (2.3M Pixel)
▪ Optical format: 1/2.7-inch
▪ 27MHz clock input
▪ Analog power supply, from 8V (±10%)
▪ Ultrahigh resolution Lens
▪ MAXIM – <b>MAX96705 Serializer</b>
▪ FAKRA Z TYPE  Connector
▪ Waterproof – IP69K
▪ Dimension – 26x26x20.3

MAX96705 datasheet :
MAX96705 Interface(Page 11) - CMOS/LVCMOS :