how can we get the camera LI-OV10640-490-GMSL work with PX2 (2379)?

we want to use the camera LI-OV10640-490-GMSL(MAX96705 Serializer) for px2, but it doesn’t work. when we try ./sample_camera_gmsl --camera-type=c-ov10640-b1, it return some messages wrong like “cameraGMSL: invalid camera-type provided”,we also try the name “dvp-ov10640-raw12-1280x1080-ab”, but in vain.
So how can we use the camera LI-OV10640-490-GMSL on px2?

Hi morgan117cai,

Is this LI-OV10640-490-GMSL(MAX96705 Serializer) a USB port GMSL camera?


THE camera has a GMSL interface, and it can be converted to a USB3.0 port. The datasheet can be found as following: .
The image sensor is OV10640, as recommended by NVIDIA. but the Serializer is MAX96705( not MAX9271),so i’m not sure whether it can be work.

Hello dear Nvidia team:
I have the same question: if the Leopard Imaging GMSL camera ( sensor ov10640 + serializer Max96705) is supported by PX2 driveworks 0.6 ? If PDK does not support this camera, how can we write a new driver for this camera? Is there an example driver template ?

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Dear liuqianfei,
The PDK supports only the following sesor + serializer + deserializer combinations.
AR0231 + Max96705 + Max9286
OV10640 + Max9271 + Max9286

You can find the supported configurations in nvmedia/ipp_raw/drive-px2-a.conf. If a new combination needs to be supported, a new driver for that particular combination needs to be implemented.
Please check nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm contains all the sample drivers(which is also supported drivers) for a PDK.