How to connect GMSL CAMERA


I wonder about driver of not supported camera.

I want to connect PX2 for Autocruise and IR Camera of AR0135 sensor(MAX96705 Serializer).

This camera is perfactly made view on hardware (ser-des, gmsl connector type etc.)

So, Can I get a AR0135 driver setup manual or text manual by e-mail? I want to setup a camera(AR0135) capture api.

I heard from someone that Nvidia provide self-setting-manual for not supported camera sensor. I hope get it.

and, I’ve question I found on host PC of PX2 which tegra186-xxxx.dtsi file at t18x_common-modules of kernel-dts folder.

It include I2C information of AR0231, ov5693, supported sensors. If drive of AR0135 sensor generate, Should I revise this file?

If It is correct, please give me detail manual. Please help me, I want to get Camera frame on PX2 for Autocruise.