GMSL camera suppport on nano

I would like to know how a gmsl camera works with a serializer and deserilizer since I was not able to find any drivers related to gmsl or any dts entries.
I wanted to know the working of serializer max96705 with deserializer 9286? How the remote side configured in the dts and if possible any gmsl drivers availabe?
Ashik P

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Have a reference to imx390

Hi @ashik.p,

Here you can find useful general information about the working of MAX96705 and 9286


TYSM.I will look into it

Hi, @ShaneCCC
In this dts file,

  1. Is the node tca9546 required if we are using a single camera?
  2. Also, in the drivers/media/i2c there is only imx390.o file and I couldn’t find any imx390.c driver file. Is the driver file available?
    Ashik P.

No, if you don’t support multiple cameras.
Check below link to download the kernel source that should include the source code in …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/imx390.c

@ShaneCCC I don’t see any link to download source code?

Check the “l4t source”