GMSL flow picture clearly

The Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework in online document
There are two diagram to show GMSL flow, but the picture size is too small and I can’t read the text on the picture clearly.
diagram shows the call flow among the GMSL kernel drivers during device boot.

diagram shows the call flow among the GMSL kernel drivers for a stream-on or stream-off operation

Could you provide two the picture clearly to us?
Thank you very much!

We’re checking with our doc team to improve it to more readable.

Hi, @kayccc :
OK, thanks.

In the other hand, the document mention to tca9546@70 in the GSML device tree programming part(tegra194-p2822-0000-camera-imx390-a00.dtsi).
But I can’t find the tca9546 driver code in the L4T driver package.
Could you release the GMSL code patch?

I had found the TCA9546 driver code in

Suppose the i2cmux is design on the camera board. Have a check the camera design guide from download center.

Ok, Thank you


In the other hand, I see the GMSL reference module in online document.
But what’s the module number of GMSL reference module(include MIPI adapter board, MIPI white cable, MAX9296 deserializer board, GMSL coax cable, IMX390 sensor, MAX9295 serializer pair modules)?
How to buy it?

Looks like this design is from camera partner Leopard.
Maybe consult with Leopard would be better.

Could you check for this HW design.


Please contact to purchase the camera kit.
The camera kit includes below parts.

  2. FAW-1233-03 x 1
  4. LI-IMX390-GMSL2 x 2

Thanks for your information

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