Setup of the MAX9296 used in framework guide


I am reviewing the following document, JETSON VIRTUAL CHANNEL WITH GMSL CAMERA FRAMEWORK GUIDE. I would like to know how the I2C is setup. The design uses a pca9546 i2c expander. Does the output of that expander go to the pass through I2C on the MAX9296 or does it go to the MFP11/MFP12 (I2C data/clock) lines?

I was also wondering how the reset-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio CAM0_RST_L. Is CAM0_RST_L the power to the camera or the MAX9296?


For the i2c MUX have reference to this document. I2C muxes and complex topologies — The Linux Kernel documentation

For the GPIO it’s depend on the HW design need those pin to initial the MAX9296.

Thanks for the response.

What is the hardware design for the guide I referenced earlier?


Have a check the camera design guide from download center.

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