Cam_i2cmux on AGX Xavier?


I’m writing driver for a system with 8 cameras that have same I2C addresses for AGX Xavier. Currently we’re using a tca9548 hardware I2C switch to avoid address conflicts, but I’d like to inquire about other possibilities.

I noticed that on the Jetson Xavier NX platform, a GPIO-controlled cam_i2cmux (“i2c-mux-gpio”) is used in tegra194-camera-jakku-rbpcv2-imx219.dtsi. If I understand things correctly, this cam_i2cmux is built into the Xavier NX and not a hardware switch on a carrier board, is that correct? Is this cam_i2cmux feature also available on Jetson AGX Xavier as well? If so, is there any differences in the GPIO pin settings?


This GPIO mux design on NX only support two sensors only.

Hi Shane,
My question is not about NX. My question is about whether it’s possible to use same GPIO mux on AGX Xavier.

Suppose yes but need more GPIO pins

Sorry, but which pins? I checked the pinmux configuration spreadsheets for both Jetson NX and AGX Xavier, there is a GPIO6 reserved for ‘Baseboard CAM MUX Sel’ for NX, but I couldn’t find a similar one for AGX Xavier.

Looks like need hardware MUX controlled for this design.
Please check the like from above comment.

Unfortunately I don’t have a Jetson Xavier NX at hand right now. Could you please tell me what is the part number of this “hardware MUX” chip used on NX? I couldn’t find anything about it in the Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX Camera Design Guide. All it says in section 6.1 is: “Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kits use a MUX to direct CAM_I2C to either of the two camera connectors that does not have an I2C address and selects between the two connectors using a GPIO”

The P/N is TS3USB30E.

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