Where is a TCA9546 I2C Mux?

I checked out kernel device tree files to understand how to connected i2c & mipi.

I seem the i2c mux device which name is ‘TCA9546’ maybe it is a master device for CCI.
So I thought the ‘TCA9546’ would be in the P2822 carrier board, but i could find it in P2822 carrier board schematic.

Then is ‘TCA9546’ in P2822 SoM? and the I2C(GP2,3,4) pins in Camera Connector are connected to TCA9546 in SoM?(not Xavier SoC?)

Xavier SoC           P2888        Camera Connector in P2822
I2C@31800000    ->  TCA9546  ->      GP2
                             ->      GP3
                             ->      GP4

please help me to understand this problem.

hello sj.sj.kim,

there’s a multiplexer for I2C chip drivers.
you may access to below kernel sources for reference,


Thank reply

I found the driver source code.
but I also want to know, where is the I2C mux is physically located.(HW level, not SW level)

I think ‘TCA9546’ is located in P2822 SoM. Am I right?

I think it locate on the camera board instead of the carrier board.
Like camera board e3333 do.