Deserialzer IC for GMSL to CSI-2 on Jetson Xavier

The GMSL to CSI-2 deserialser IC (MAX96712) mentioend in Xavier sereis camera module hardware design guide has gone obsolete. The other deserialiser IC (MAX9296A) as mentioned in the below link is also obsolete.
Can someoen suggest a suitable replacement of MAx96712/MAX9296A that can be used with AGX Xavier platform and L4T?


Suppose it’s reference for design. If you don’t need design your camera board you can consult with camera partner to get any others similar design.


We are desiging a custom carrier card. The carrier card will have the GMSL to CSI-2 deserialiser. I am referring to the camera module reference design guide and see the recommendation to use MAX96712. I am not getting the datasheet and other details for this IC. Can you recommend any other deserialser IC which can be used with AGX Xavier? I am specifically looking forward to use a device for which the driver is supported with L4T.

Sorry to tell current for this kind of design only have MAX96712 in L4T driver supported.
For any others you need to implement the driver by yourself.

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