Drivers support for Leopard imaging IMX390 and IMX490 on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus


We went through the Drive ecosystems HW and SW webpage , The sensors IMX390 and IMX490 are supported but the manufacturers where SONY we would like to know if the sensor sold by leopard imaging are supported and if not what is the difference between them.

Link for IMX390 :

Link for IMX490 :

Dear @rajkumar.palanisamy,
Note that only the module mentioned in drive ecosystem HW SW page is supported. You should reach out to the vendors to know the difference.

Per, even Sony IMX390/490 on DRIVE Software 10 still needs a software package provided by Sony.

For Leopard cameras, especially not in the table, nvidia has no way to know their status. As @SivaRamaKrishnaNV said, you have to check with Leopard. Thanks!

Hi VickNV

Another doubt we had is with respect to the support for serializer, we would like to know what kind off serializer does pegasus support and if any camera module with that particular serializer would be compatible with AGX pegasus

Serializer is part of camera module. For example, Sekonix SF3325 (in has MAX96705 as serializer. Serializers used in all the camera models listed in the page will be supported with the software package provided by the respective vendor (in “Contact” column).

Below table in has the information about the serializers with native support in DRIVE Software 10. FYI.