Sound Output on Xavier NX GPIO

Hi Everyone,

How can I implement a sound output using the GPIO on the NX developer kit?

hello alexisguiter,

may I also know what’s your use-case, thanks

hello alexisguiter,

please also refer to Topic 159583, it connect a buzzer to Jetson Xavier NX with pin-12 for the usage, thanks

hello alexisguiter,

let me copy-paste your use-case as below.

I wish to create feedback for the user, and need to output pre-recorded voice, not just beeps and other simple sounds. I also know that I will need to use an amplifier, but that’s not the issue.

hello alexisguiter,

may I know more details about why you’ll need GPIO?
there should be a software approach to play a sound on your device (i.e. *.wav file).
you may have some implementation to trigger the function for playing the audio.

I just want to play a .wav or mp3 file (whichever is best suited for the NX) over speakers, but because the project is handheld and compact, I can’t use speakers via HDMI, the GPIO is my best solution.

one gpio can only give two levels. either you use a combination of two or more gpio to create the selection of 4 sounds using 2 gpio, 8 sounds using 3 gpio.
your external hw or software has this logic to let say detect the toggle count of a single gpio in a particular time interval to decide which should to play.
Bottomline, a GPIO is universal in any HW

Hi Bibek,

So what is the puprose of GPIO pin 40, which is described as “Audio I2S Data out”?



thats an alternate function for that pin if not used as GPIO. these are multifunction pins, can works as for example, spi/i2s/gpio pin according to configuration of pinmux.