Split 1 screen into 4 virtual virtual screen

I have a 4 k monitor that i have splitted into 4 virtual monitor with the intel gpu using xrandr commands at x startup. Now, I recently bought and nvidia 1050 ti and i can’t get my 4 virtuals display working. I don’t know why, xrand does not output errors.

xrandr --setmonitor DP-0-1 1920/300x1080/170+0+0 DP-0
xrandr --setmonitor DP-0-2 1920/300x1080/170+1920+0 none
xrandr --setmonitor DP-0-3 1920/300x1080/170+0+1080 none
xrandr --setmonitor DP-0-4 1920/300x1080/170+1920+1080 none

xrandr --listactivemonitors
Monitors: 4
0: DP-0-1 1920/300x1080/170+0+0 DP-0
1: DP-0-2 1920/300x1080/170+1920+0
2: DP-0-3 1920/300x1080/170+0+1080
3: DP-0-4 1920/300x1080/170+1920+1080

This is a feature that the window manager needs to support, e.g. gnome doesn’t.

i don’t use gnome, i use openbox. and i don’t understand what the window manager have to be involved with this. I have change nothing on my computer except the graphic card.

Some Windows managers manage the attached displays on its own so ignore randr 1.5 monitor objects.
Which driver version are you running? What gpu did you change from?

Well i was not aware about that,
I use nvidia’s drivers 470.141.03 and previously i used the intel hd 2500.