Split Frame Rendering on Geforce GTX780Ti

Hello everyone,

I’m currently developping a multi-screen application in directx11 with unity. We have 7 pc in a cluster, each one renders for a 4k screen.
Each pc has a 3-way sli with GeForce GTX 780Ti.
Our probleme is that the AFR sli modes can’t be correctly used in our environment because this leads to some visual desynchronisation between the differents screens. (Each GPU renders at its own speed, and if we synchronise correctly the gpus we’re losing the effects of sli…)
I would like to know if it is possible to activate and use the split frame rendering mode instead, which would be much more fitted for our needs.
Unfortunately, this option is not available in the nvidia control panel.
I tried to use nvidiainspector to activate it, but then our unity application doesn’t even start.
Is there a reason explaining why the sfr mode is not available in the control panel?
Is there a way to use it anyway? Are there drawbacks?
Is sfr mode compatible with directx11?
Would it be a problem concerning unity and not nvidia?

Thanks for your answers