Starting questions TX2


I am working on a some sensor processing and Machine Learning and would like to deploy my code on TX2. I have some questions about starting with TX2 like.

  1. Between python and C++, which language should be used to write code for Tx2. My application code is in python but could it be worth it to invest in C++ as the code could be faster ?

  2. Which libraries are supported for C++ and for python. Can one also install new python libraries other than the ones available in jetpack by cross compiling. The same question for C++, can other libraries be cross compiled for TX2’s arm processor and GPU.


It’s recommended to use C++ to implement your program.
To execute tasks with GPU, it requires CUDA implementation. On Jetson platform, only C++ based CUDA is available.


  • Python You don't need to compile a python program. The required module can be installed via apt or pip, similar to the usage of x86 Linux environment.
  • C++ Here is a tutorial for cross compiling a C++ program for your reference: