Getting starting with Jetson TX2

Hello, I am new to Jetson TX2 and CUDA programming. I am doing a Surrounding View system using TX2. I bought JEtson TX2. But i dont know where to start. When i went through NVIDIA there are somany things like cuDNN, TensorRt, Tensorflow, CUDA C++ other SDKs. SO any one please help me to do solve this problem by giving some steps to start my projects. Also please give some steps to start on Jetson TX" like which all the things and tutorials i should study before starting this project.

Thanks in advance.

This might be of use:

Keep in mind that if you have an older release of L4T on your Jetson that you might need to flash to get a more recent CUDA version. You can see your current version via:

head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

The most recent L4T for a TX2 is R28.2.1.