Install CUDA and CUdnn for Nvidia Jetson TX2

I’m using NVIDIA JETSON TX2 and I installed tensorflow but when I import, it have a failure: “Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime”. I think my issue is CUDA and Cudnn.
But when I install CUDA 9.0 and Cudnn 7.0 so I cannot install driver. THis failure is: “E: Unable to locate package nvidia-384”.
SO do you have any way to install CUDA and Cudnn for Jetson TX2. THe way, that I run successfully tensorflow?
Thank you very much!


There are some dependencies on CUDA so please use the package/OS/library all from the same JetPack version.

For example,
If you use JetPack3.3, please install the TensorFlow package built with JetPack3.3.