SteamOS-Compositor + Mad Max + Vulkan

Good day to you,

Got a specific use case where I use SteamOS-Compositor (and all the other SteamOS specific packages) on top of Ubuntu 18.04 with driver 396.24.10 on a i7-3770 and GTX 960.

The thing is, when I exit Mad Max while using the Vulkan beta and the SteamOS-Compositor, the BPM constantly freezes after a few seconds requiring a hard reset. It’s been like this on SteamOS too, but since it still uses driver 387.22, tought it might not be as relevent.

This said, I tried different use cases like the OpenGL version of Mad Max or the Vulkan version with the classic Steam desktop client’s BPM and it doesn’t replicate the problem.

Originally it was all Vulkan titles that did that (Tested it with Serious Sam III, Talos Principle) but eventually, these two stopped freezing the system. Rise of the Tomb Raider never had such issues.