Still cannot get SASS Only output


It’s going to be the third topic on the same issue and may be I was unclear on latest ones. So here we go :

I am trying to compile my program in order to obtain SASS output (No PTX) so that it won’t compromise the intellectual property of the code. According to the nvcc user manual, the compile should be under the following format :gencode=arch=compute_86,code=sm_86. Therefore, I setup the CUDA generation code throughout the Visual Studio 2022 as shown on the following picture.

However, when compiling via the same Visual Studio environment, the output is displaying -gencode=arch=compute_86,code="sm_86,compute_86", which is obviously including PTX beside the SASS. Do you know if I setup anything wrong on the given picture?



That’s right ! Still, why am i seeing PTX code output when using cuobjdump command or Nsight Compute when analysing the performance? Since the beginning, i am compiling in Debug Mode under VS2022 (See picture below). Is that definitively the issue?