"For loop" not having SASS code

I am trying to profile a kernel that only reads data from a matrix and adds this data to a variable. However, I am not able to view the SASS code of the “For loop” (check picture) using Nsight compute version 2022.2.1.0. The other line of codes are ok. What could be the issue?

Thank you.

I suppose you have compiled the code with nvcc -lineinfo option.

You can try scrolling the SASS code - in case the highlighted SASS lines are outside the view.

Is the CUDA C source file matching the SASS code?

Did Nsight Compute find the source file or you had to browse & select the file?

Did you use the ncu --import-source option? If not you can try if this resolves the issue? (Note that this option is not really needed for your case)

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sorry, I think I have found the issue. I wasn’t using the variables elsewehere so I believe the compiler removed these lines for optimisation.

Thank you