Unable to observe CUDA-C files in Nsight Compute


I am quite new to Optix and Nsight and am attempting to profile my own Optix 6.5 application using Nsight Compute. As mentioned in the software documentation, I should be able to observe the CUDA-C and SASS Source code while profiling User Kernels for Optix applications. However, I am only able to observe the SASS code and not the CUDA-C code. Could you please suggest why it may be so ? Perhaps, I need to enable some options or anything else while compiling ?

I have tried the same process with the OptixTutorial provided in the SDK and in that case I can see both SASS and CUDA-C.


In general, you need to compile with


to have the compiler embed Source/SASS correlation information into the executable. Are you using this option with you application?

If you are still seeing the issue, could you please let us know which exact version of Nsight Compute you are using (i.e. the output of nv-nsight-cu-cli --version for example) and on which operating system?