Still installation failed on Windows 7 x64


I still got a problem on my laptop of installing cuda_8.0.61_windows.exe on a Windows 7_x64 system with NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. But still,after choosing the insallation derectory an error window comes with “Non 7z archive” with the title “cuda setup package:error”. I think I got the latest driver for GPU and WINRAR which support 7z. Am I still installing a wrong version cuda for my gpu? If yes, which version should I choose? If not, how can I solve this “Non 7z archive” problem?


You shouldn’t need winrar. I’m not really sure what you are doing.

Are you simply executing the cuda_8.0.61_windows.exe

or doing something else with it?

If you are simply executing it, then maybe your download is corrupted.