Cuda 7.5 and Windows 10

I would like to install Cuda for windows10.
However, I cannot find the Cuda 7.5 for windows 10 in below page.
How do I install the Cuda 7.5 for windows 10 ?

Officially, in spite of what it says in the RC docs, CUDA 7.5 RC is not supported on windows 10 (and thus you don’t find a win10 installer…). I expect the production release of CUDA 7.5 will support win10 and I expect therefore that you would find a win10 installer package when CUDA 7.5 Production Release becomes available.

In the meantime you could try the win 8.1 installer. YMMV.

Thank you so much.

Incidentally, I tried to install CUDA7.5 for win 8.1, however, the error is not fixed…

You didn’t previously mention an error (other than not being able to find an installer for win10) , so I’m not sure what “the error is not fixed” means.

Sorry for your confusion. After all, Cuda7.5 for win 10 was released a few days ago. And the problem was resolved perfectly. Thank you.