Win 7 CUDA driver install problems

Newbie here…

The Getting Started manual has a section on installing the latest driver, but it doesn’t say how to do it :) My environment is an HP Quad Core dv8t with the GeForce GT230 M GPU which is apparently a supported part.


  1. There is a 7-zip: Data error warning when the driver package upzips. However, all the files seem to be there
  2. According to the nVidia control panel, my machine (labelled “with CUDA”) has the 186.44 driver, so the new one needs to be installed
  3. When I try to do update driver, and point Windows to the directory where the new driver is located, it responds that the most recent driver is installed.

What to do?

Many thanks for helping me out…


I’m not sure why you have a 7-zip, I would download the latest driver from here and just run the exe:

You might need to completely remove the existing driver (add/remove program) before installing. Hope this helps!

Hello Simon,

Thanks for the response. At the URL you provided, I can get the Win 7, 64 bit driver for my GeForce GT 230M, however it says it’s only version 186, and the CUDA docs say I need 109.xx to run Tooklit 2.3.