Can not install new driver 180.60

Hi everyone,

i downloaded new driver from CUDA homepage and tried to install it! But it’s seem that new driver did not support my graphics card! It’s alway display a messagebox say that:
“The NVIDIA program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit”

I’m using GEFORCE 9300M GS, and running Windows Vista x64! Previous driver work fine with my system!

Is this driver problem or something, any information could help! Thank!

I have installed this driver on Vista 32 with 9600GT and did not encounter any problem. Hope this information helps =]

I’m not sure…! I alway have this problem with beta version… (previous is 2.0 beta, now is 2.1 beta)!
And my graphics card is 9300M GS!

It’s seem that my graphics card has not been supported yet…!

Thank for your infomation :)!