Strange Collider for Elongated Capsule

I think the strange collider in my robot configuration is causing a lot of instability during training. I speculate it is because of the strange collider that has been assigned to the capsule. To resolve such instability without changing the collider, I have to increase time steps per second into a unreasonable amount to be any efficient.

Perhaps I could increase the collider’s geometry complexity of the capsule, but I don’t think they has any effect on it

Perhaps I could change the capsule type to mesh type. but I am not sure how to do it. What will be a good solution for it?

You can also observe such strange collider if you create a capsule, then give radius of 0.01 an height of 1

Hi @octipus - Have you referred to this doc?

I see this line here,

“PhysX supports exact representations for Cube, Capsule, and Sphere shapes, so no approximations are required.”

But referencing the image provided. I don’t see the representations are exact.

Hmm this seems to be a bug in the USD debug visualization code, we will fix it for next release.
However the collider is correct in simulation, if you enable PhysX debug visualization (Window->Simulation->Debug), there you can enable PhysX debug visualization and colliders visualization. This is whats inside PhysX SDK:

Sorry about the trouble,

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