Strange failure


i have a little problem with cudaGLRegisterBufferObject.

When i try to register a “big” and single pixel buffer object (102410244float), cudaGLRegisterBufferObject doesn’t return cudaSuccess but cudaErrorInvalidValue. However if i use a smaller pixel buffer object (5125124float), there is no problem, it returns cudaSuccess.

I am working on a 8400GS (128mo) with the nVidia driver 180.44 and Cuda 2.1.

Do you have any ideas ?



Anyone ? :unsure:

Is that card running your display as well? If so, how much free memory does it really have?

Thanks for your reply. How can i check the free memory ?

use the cuMemGetInfo function–it’s a driver API call, but assuming you’ve created a context before calling it, it will work fine from the runtime API. to ensure that a context exists, prefix the call to cuMemGetInfo with cudaFree(0).