Stream multiple CCTV cameras using GStreamer and OpenCV in python

I have two same AXG Xavier Edge devices. One of the devices works well (deviceA), but another one(device B) has an issue as following description:
I stream multiple CCTV cameras using GStreamer and OpenCV in python. However, I cant synchronize those videos frames from each cameras.

here is my testing code:

here is my edge devices A: (A works OK)

frames synchronized

here is my edge devices B: (B has issue )

Comparing two terminal outputs, B has two additional warning, as shown in figure (“white high lightened”)


  • I setup all the environment of devices B by myself.

  • I get device A from vendor ( the environment was not all setup by myself)

I think there must be some difference between those two environments, but i cant find out

(thank for your patients, hopping your help, thank you.)

Just guessing here, but I would

  • make sure all packages are same version (e.g. sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)
  • compare python environment (pip list)
  • check OpenMAX version and build parameters
  • check OpenCV build parameters

p.s. It looks like device A and B have the same hostname - depending on your network topology this might cause problems when both are online at the same time.