Streaming Audio player does not allow export mesh cache from Omniverse Audio to face

Hi Team,
I am exploring Omniverse Machinima and Audio to face.
I have tried a 3D mesh to A2F pipeline and wanted to use the same inside Machinima. I have blockers in exporting the mesh cache.
Using normal player instance I can export the files.
But using streaming audio player it’s not allowing to export.
Added screenshots for the same for more clarification.
Kindly help me with the possibilities.

Hello @Ramesh_B! I’ve reached out to the dev team for further assistance. Thanks for reaching out to us!

@WendyGram - Thanks.

Hello @Ramesh_B! The development team has confirmed that this issue is a bug and they are working on a fix for this. (Internal ticket number OM-56607: Streaming Player does not support mesh cache export)

Hi @WendyGram - Thanks for your update. Waiting for updated version with this bug fixed.
Thanks for the support.