Stride Size in Multi Packet and How to enable SHAMPO in ConnectX-6


Is it possible to change stride size for Multi-Packet Rx Queue (MPRQ a.k.a Striding RQ). If yes, then can you guide me how to do it.?

Also, I want to enable Multi Packet SHAMPO in ConnectX-6 but the “rx-gro-hw” feature in the ethtool features is off and fixed. How can I enable it?

Thank you for your help.

Striding receive WQ/Striding RQ functions/values etc… Can not be changed via CLI (IE: ethtool, mlxconfig, echo etc…) Code modification is at play here.
You do have the option from ethtool to enable or disable rx_striding_rq on/off via the --set-priv-flags.

SHAMPO is a ConnectX-7 feature for implementing HW_GRO feature, HW_GRO is exposed via ethtool and is off by default.
So not relevant as it is a non feature for ConnectX-6