Subject: Request for Technical Support: OpenCV and CUDA Compatibility on Jetson Xavier NX

I’m Siddeshwaran, a master’s student focusing on object detection for my thesis. My work involves using a Jetson Xavier NX device to deploy my model, and I’ve recently run into a specific issue with JetPack 5.1.2, concerning compatibility between OpenCV and CUDA.

JetPack 5.1.2 comes with OpenCV 4.5.4 and CUDA 11.4.19 pre-installed. However, it seems that this default version of OpenCV lacks support for CUDA. To address this, I attempted to manually install OpenCV 4.5.4 using the build process. Regrettably, even after completing this installation, I’m still encountering problems where OpenCV doesn’t properly utilize the installed CUDA version.

I’ve included an attached image for your reference. In a previous support ticket, I also described an unrelated issue I faced with the booting process on JetPack 4 versions. That ticket was labeled #230915-000016.

At present, I’m unable to advance in my project on the Jetson Xavier device, regardless of whether I use JetPack 4 or JetPack 5. Your guidance or solutions to address these issues would be of immense help to my project. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

since your question pertains to the contents of Jetpack, I suggest asking on a relevant Jetson forum, such as the one for Jetson Xavier NX. That green text Jetson forum is a link you can click on.