Sudo chmod 777 -R / and now I don't have permission to "sudo" : Jetson AGX Orin

I made an error when trying to change file permissions. I did "sudo chmod 777 -R / " and now I can no longer use “sudo” because when I try, I get this “/usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set”. I completely destroyed all file permissions and came to the conclusion that I have to backup and reinstall everything on a Jetson AGX Orin. Since I can’t download “sdkmanager” or “JetPack” without “sudo”, how should I proceed?

That chmod command would have removed the SUID bit. This means sudo will never function again unless set back, but if there is no logged in root account, this implies the above is not possible. Even if you could fix that one file, there will be so many problems that you are better off flashing again. If there is something of value, then you could clone first (but you would not be able to get proper permissions from the clone).

Also, sdkmanager runs on a host PC, not the Jetson (the Jetson will be in recovery mode; it doesn’t have a BIOS, so it needs a helper “host PC” for flash or clone).

Please check step 1 and 2 in the document:
Jetson Linux API Reference: Setting Up Cross-Platform Support | NVIDIA Docs

You may try to clone the image out, mount it to your host PC, and then backup the data.

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