Ubuntu account issue (username: nvidia, password: nvidia) for TX2 and ConnectTech's Orbitty.

I faced Ubuntu account issue on my TX2 with Orbitty carrier board.
Below are software versions I am using;

  • Jetpack 3.0 (JetPack-L4T-3.0-linux-x64.run)
  • BSP, CTI-L4T-V103.tgz
  • R27 (release) Revision: 1.0

I followed instructions provided by ConnectTech (readme.txt from CTI-L4T folder).
Images were successfully flashed and I could see ubuntu screen and simple usb devices worked (keyboard and mouse).
However, whenever I tried to run “sudo” related commands such as apt-get update (nvidia account), it complained “sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set”.

The reason is /usr/bin/sudo command sets as owner=“ubuntu” and group=“root”, nvidia account thus can’t use sudo command.

If I connect to the board via ssh with “ubuntu” account (username: ubuntu, password ubuntu), “apt-get update” worked but “sudo apt-get update” didn’t (same privilege error as above).

Eventually, I couldn’t use any commands that locate under /usr/bin and many other applications.
Anyone faced this similar issue?

Whenever a system is flashed you must preserve permissions of the sample rootfs as well as any other commands modifying the file system (such as apply_binaries.sh). sudo is used for this. The other issue is that the host’s own file system must use a native Linux file system type such as ext4, or else it is not possible to preserve permissions (e.g., a flash drive with VFAT or a VM on NTFS will always fail this way). My guess is it needs to be re-flashed and carefully make sure any file unpacking and flashing steps use sudo where needed.

Hi, linuxdev
Thank you for your comment and I could resolve the issue.
This happened due to Jetpack installtion with sudo command.
I ran “sudo JetPack-L4T-3.0-linux-x64.run” but shouldn’t do this as mentioned here (http://docs.nvidia.com/jetpack-l4t/#developertools/mobile/jetpack/l4t/3.0/jetpack_l4t_install.htm).
Instead just installing JetPack on my ubuntu host machine without sudo and it asked password while installing.

Now all permissions were preserved and it works.
Thanks for your comment again.