Suggest hardware for initial DeepStream experimentation

I know that DeepStream requires either Tesla or Jetson based hardware to run, so I’m looking for some suggestions on a reasonable platform to start tinkering with DeepStream, hopefully without taking the very $$$ step of purchasing a Tesla card. With that said, I’d just like to be able to build and run the reference apps, and possibly try to get one of my custom-trained Tensorflow object detector networks to run on multiple video streams.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi BGreenway,

You can refer to Real-Time Performance with DeepStream comparison table at to have some ideas to choice the suitable platform to develop your project.

Jetson Nano Dev kit is the perfect hardware to start playing with DeepStream and AI. It’s only $100 and is the cheapest AI machine.
It can run all the DeepStream application that you can run on Tesla GPUs

Thanks for the quick response! Think I might try the TX2 Dev Kit. Looks like it will let me try DeepStream first hand and get a better feel for it. Thanks again.

Sorry I can’t accept both responses as the answer. Both helpful. I’m sure I’ll be back to ask more questions once I start digging in. :-)