Suggest me Nvidia course that can help me in Understanding the Deepstream python App and its debugging

Hi everyone.

Please kindly suggest to me a course that’s very helpful in Understanding the following Steps.

  • How to debug Deepstream python app ( i known one way that is print )
  • How we can isolate the Application folder from the Deepstream default path and run. (i did by copying some dependent folder for test1)
  • How the Flow of application works etc

I do not care if it is free or paid I just want to learn.

i have installed deepstream SDK and run python apps but the problem is we running from the terminal without any python environment just using python3 so how we can debug this way if we are trying to develop an application?
one way that comes to my mind is we just put add a print function in code for debugging but I want more ways like we do debug in spyder IDE etc.

please give me a better way I am so exhausted, I want to improve my development skills for Deepstream python Application
any helping material like video , articles etc

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Since DeepStream is a hardware accelerated inference pipeline SDK, the basic functions and components are implemented with c/c++, and the python APIs are supported through pyds bindings which are generated by Pybind11 . So you can debug the python code as the other python code. But for DeepStream core functions, you need to following GStreamer debugging tools and c/c++ debugging tools.

The best course is the document and sample codes. Please start with basic knowledges if you have lots of customization requirement with DeepStream.

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