Support for new camera sensor with VC

Hi Nvidia dev team,

I’m trying to add support for a time of flight sensor that outputs two data streams (DEPTH + IR) each of them on a distinct virtual channel.

The connection between sensor and Xavier AGX is performed using MIPI CSI E, 2 data lanes. Resolution of each DEPTH/IR stream is 640x480.

Now my question is, can this setup be supported on Xavier and if yes how would the device-tree look like considering that there is only one I2C sensor node for both virtual channels?

I succeed capturing only one virtual channel at a time using a devicetree based on imx185v1 and a V1 kernel driver. I also tried to configure the driver to report 640x960 resolution and setting both virtual channels on ID 0 but the frames get discarded by VI maybe due to double FS packet. This trick is working on other platforms.

Thank you,

hello bogdan.togorean,

you can enable depth only or IR only mode, however, this sensor stream with DEPTH + IR in 2-lane is not supported.
virtual channel support from CSI and USB Camera Features used for sensor modules that use serializer/deserializer chips.