tx2 mipi virtual channel support.

Has there been any update on MIPI virtual channel support for the TX2?
I am use sdk 28.2, but I need support 6 camera of csi.


hello cxl824158933,

L4T release-28.2 do not support virtual channel (VC).
please also check L4T Release-32.1 Software Features, VC support is now only validated on Jetson AGX Xavier.

HI, JerryChang:
GMSL camera and VC support is validated for two simultaneous IMX390 sensors using the same CSI port. For details, see NVIDIA GMSL Camera Framework, document number DA_09421-001. The official reference driver code for IMX390 will included in a future release.
Can you tell me where can I get the document 《NVIDIA GMSL Camera Framework》, the number DA_09421-001?

Thank you very much.

hello cxl824158933,

nice catch!
actually, documentation [NVIDIA GMSL Camera Framework] is not ready for publication, we also don’t have ETA for the release date.

we’ll update the forum discussion thread while this document get ready.
stay tuned,