Virtual channel id support

I am working on ti fpdlink iii ds90ub960+ds90ub913*4 stuff. Right now xavier can capture one camera from ds90ub960. The datasheet of ds90ub960 said if quad camera frames are identify by virtual channel id. Any reference design about vc-id on xavier?
Or reference design for quad cameras of ti fpdlink deser?


We have driver support for up to 16 cameras using VCID and FPD-Link III technology (JetPack 4.2), you can find some info about it here:

If you have worked before with GMSL technology, from the capture subsystem point of view of the Xavier (i.e device tree) it shouldn’t be different in terms of development.

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Thanks for you reply. I think if you guys can post some info about xavier’s kernel would be better,lol.

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