Xavier NX Virtual Channels

Dear All,

if we use 4 port deserializer DS90UB960 connected to one 4L MIPI CSI_2 port ( eg. Camera 1, 4-Lane, Only CSI0 clock used).

so the deserializer accepts 4 cameras and generated four streams with four VC-ID 0,1,2,3 on one 4L CSI port
is this possible with Xavier NX to have 4 virtual channels on on CSI port?

How many VC-ID per CSI channel supports the new L4T 32.4.2 ?


CSI 2 v1.3 supports up to 4 virtual channels per port. I can verify that, on NX, using the DS90UB960 hub, that 4 virtual channels will work.

D3’s new NX carrier board supports 12 cameras using this deserializer.