How to enable 4 Virtual Channels in one CSI Brick in Device Tree

Dear Teams,
I am looking for some kind hints to help bringing up our 4 cameras HUB on the Xavier 8G Dev Kit using L4T R32.4.3 release.
So far, looking everywhere, I have found and tested 2 virtual IDs-to- 1 Brick Configuration. However, there is nothing out there regarding how to use 4 virtual channels IDs simultaneously on ONE 4-lane CSI Brick.
Dual virtual ID worked means multi-virtual-id are supported in this L4T release. However, I would be thankful if some of you guys genius can give me a hint to work this 4-ids-to-one-brick use case out in the device tree.

Looks like below topic are the use case.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
In the topic you mentioned, the guy used the "960"chip with 2 MIPI output ports, each port he output 2 cameras to ONE brick (Dual vc-id case). Therefore he used 2 bricks for 4 cameras.
My case is 4 cameras into ONE 4-lanes brick; As far as what I am understanding, in [vi@15c1000 node]; “port@X” does not relate to number of CSI port number(port-index) , rather it is merely a software media pad. Therefore, If I use 16 cameras, the port@x should go from x=0 all the way to x=15. The same applied for “channel@X” in the nvcsi@15a00000 node. Am I correct.
Thanks again for your time.

OK, theoretically should be support but we never verify it.

Oops. such a bad news.
I will give it a shot and feedback to you later.
Thank you again.

Dear ShaneCCC,
Today, I got all cameras working seamlessly.
Huge thanks for your replies that gave me the confidence to start the job. (This is important because without it, when error happens, I can’t narrow down the possibilities and hence waste time).
Really appreciate!

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