8 dual lane cameras possible?

I see there are 16 CSI lanes, but the design guide mentions 6 maximum. What is the limiting factor here? Is it possible to get 8 dual lane cameras hooked up without going through a MIPI bridge of some kind?

Hi jrestifo, Xavier can directly connect up to active 6 MIPI devices and up to 2 SLVS-EC devices. Xavier has four 4-lane CSI bricks and two of these bricks can be configured in a 2x2 configuration. Additional cameras can be served using aggregators and virtual channel support — this functionality will be available in a future sw release.

Thank you. Is this an internal bus limitation that prevents using it in a 8 x 2x configuration?

It’s at the interface level, two of the four CSI bricks support 2x2. The other two CSI interfaces support one camera only. This is reflected in Figure 27 of the OEM Design Guide.

Hi dusty_nv,
Can I able to use a camera with CSI port 6 or 7 in this l4t_31.1 release.
I tested 0-3 port and its working fine but it is possible to use CSI port 4 and 6 with 4 lane configuration.
Also, I want to know how many four-lane cameras can be possible with the provided release version?
Can we connect 4 4lane MIPI cameras with this l4t_31.1 release version?

Please answer the Query.


Current r31.1 release the relative driver not ready for prot6/7 yet.
We are working it, please wait for next release or try to add it by yourself.

Hi Dusty_nv,

You mentioned Xavier can connect up to 2 SLVS-EC devices, can we connect each SLVS-EC device with 8 lanes, 16 lanes for 2 devices ?


@ShaneCCC, is this aggregation feature supported in the last releases now? (e.g. in the 32.2 release?)

Thanks for your reply

Yes, r32.2 can support virtual channel for TX2 and Xavier.

Thanks. Is there any example/documentation regarding this? ( I cannot immediately find anything in the L4T docs about it)

Also see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1048874/jetson-tx2/-gmsl-camera-framework-document-for-r32-1/

There is : “mention” of an application note, but it cannot be downloaded yet from the site.

I can confirm that virtual channel support is working on Xavier. D3 has a couple of interface cards that can use virtual channels on Xavier that I have tested this with.

Technically I’ve only tested on 32.1 as we haven’t moved to 32.2 yet.

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