Support on Mac OS X

Does CUDA support Mac OS X?

Thanks Much.

In one old thread, it was said that users should bug Apple to get CUDA support into the drivers.

Today there is no support for MacosX. Only Windows XP 32, Linux 32/64.
We are adding Windows XP 64 in 1.1, and considering other OSes for future releases.

Well i’d be really pleased to see it supported on OS X. I have a bunch of 8 core Mac Pros on my hands…

I’m not sure if the current shipping GPU’s in the MacPro are compute capable…

It doesn’t matter I guess. You can always change the GPU inside and add a 8800 GTX. We had to give up Mac OS X support for our application because we needed to use CUDA. But that would be lovely to support Mac OS X again :)

We’ll be demonstrating CUDA native on Mac OS X Leopard in the next few weeks. A preview will be shown at the Supercomputing07 conference next month in Reno at the NVIDIA booth #478.

This will run on the MacBook Pro with GeForce 8600M GT. Beta ship date will be about a month or so later.

Sweet! Thanks for the update.


That’s great news!


John Stone

Great! That’s good news.

Is NVIDIA planning to support 8800s? Why a driver for 8600 exists but there’s nothing for 8800? It must not be so different. Who’s guilty, NVIDIA or Apple? :P

Apple doesn’t ship or support any 8800s so no reason to support it? At least not yet.

Might it be ever possible to couple an external Tesla box with an MacBook Pro using an Express Card?


So, any one attending SC07 saw the demo of a Powerbook Pro running CUDA? How did it went? How’s the beta version coming along?

And now I’ll let my impatient side take control: And what about support for the MacPro? :) I can’t wait to get a MacPro with a 8800 Ultra! When will that happen?

Thanks for all the great work on CUDA & Linux support.

Yeah, I want to know how it went as well…

Or with a 8800GT, for that matter…

I was at SC07. The chap from the oil company showed the nbody demo running on his intel power book. It looked nice considering the miserable graphics support in those boxes.

I wasn’t able to get on the floor so i can’t tell you any more than that.

Now if only the real source, compiler tools etc, was available I could build my own toolset for the mac…

But you would still need the driver support, so you wouldn’t get very far. Hopefully NVIDIA gets to releasing their beta for Mac OS X soon.

If you saw the “new” penryn mac pro release info there seems to be promises of much wider driver support for graphics cards. They show a couple of 8800 cards and an ati card on the website. So hopefully we should see a general intel mac pro kernel update which would allow newer graphics cards to work, without requiring the new chipset…


Mac Pro Graphics Page


you said the beta versoin will be out in a month or so, but this was 3 months ago, is there any update on this?

I bought a macbook pro thinking I’ll be able to use cuda on the native OS…


As an OSX/Linux developer (and the owner of a shiny new macbook pro), I would also love to know when this beta will be available… I’ve been patiently awaiting it since I heard the news…

NVidia??? Hello?